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In August 2017, the Rebrickulous series was born. Featuring young, aspirational hosts, it was designed to breakthrough in unexpected places and shift the perception of what LEGO building is all about. Now surpassing 120 episodes and over 700 straight years spent watching episodes, the weekly series is beginning to establish a strong community and slowly moving the needle with this fastidious low-affinity consumer. The creative approach to the show is truly audience-first, focusing on teen passion points in 3 main categories: Challenges (physical + mental), Experiments (social + scientific), and Novelty (Awe-inspiring + UGC). In 2019, REBRICKULOUS was nominated for a Webby for Best Entertainment Series and is Google's example for the gold standard of branded content on their platform.



Ad Club Award Winner: Best Integrated Campaign 2018

Leading the US Markets internal and external creative teams, we developed a product-focused social media campaign that supplemented Warner Brother's short-term, box-office marketing spend. The consumer campaign objective was to achieve awareness leading into the shopper campaign, which drove conversion. The creative challenge was to create new, entertaining content for each product that could be targeted to both demographics across platforms. The creative concept needed to be conducive for social media consumption: quick-witted, eye-catching, and humorous. The visuals needed to stand out on social platforms as authentic and balance a dual tonality that appealed to both parent and kid. The mix of live action, photographic backgrounds and 3D animation overlayed captured audience awareness and drove conversion on a global scale. Product sales LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE sets far outweighed the box office numbers and surpassed projections. The content campaign was utilized globally and in the US market alone, led to over a million dollars in direct conversion.


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