Laura Ferris Norman | Creative Director

In 2017, the first-ever live-action, hosted, YouTube series for LEGO, REBRICKULOUS, was proposed, formed and created by me. As the creative director for REBRICKULOUS, I oversaw the production and creative output of over 150 episodes, achieved a Guinness World Record and competing against a Spike Lee production, garnered a Best Entertainment Series Webby nomination in 2019. I helped forge creative partnerships to develop what is now LEGO's corporate-wide, influencer marketing strategy. REBRICKULOUS is cited by Google and YouTube as the Best-in-Class branded entertainment and the gold standard for authentic influencer brand-integration.


After graduating from SCAD in 2010 with a degree in Graphic Design, specializing in branding and identity, I started my career in the fashion + beauty industry working with internationally renowned brand Benetton and luxury start-up, Georgie Beauty both focusing on environmentally friendly products. The juxtaposition of those opportunities widened my perspective on the connectivity of the branding experience, both digitally and physically and taught me the importance and nuances of the brand voice.


My media and production experience was self-taught and quickly honed when I transitioned to the brand director of two live broadcast stations. I developed and instituted a complete re-branding of the stations and their programming. During my time in broadcast, I helped transition the stations to a new live studio without any downtime for either network. In my position at ABC/FOX, I developed an expertise in live, reactive, and serial content. In 2013, I accepted an Sr. Art Director position at LEGO's internal agency and relocated to the northeast.


At LEGO, I was elected a member of the global LEGO Agency Talent Team and was nominated to serve on the corporate-wide leadership team, the Playground Builders. Both in the US market and globally, I led creative campaign teams, including the campaigns for LEGO Ninjago Movie, LEGO Replay and LEGO Star Wars. I developed creative strategy and execution for experiential events such as Comic-Con, VidCon, LEGO Hidden Side, and the Americana Roadshow.

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